Dual USB Portable Charger Light and Charge Status Display

Power Bank 2-Port USB w/LED Flashlight

Built-in intelligent recognition voltage chip

20000mAh High Speed digital Power bank. 2-Port USB + LED flashlight Automatically identify the mobile phone, tablet and other digital products being charged. Comes with 1 micro USB cable that can be used to charge the battery and all your micro USB devices

Peripherals tablet cellphone laptop charge from dual USB-port

Product Features


Built in Intelligent Chip design detects the best charging mode for your device and delivers the appropriate charge. Precise electronic board prevents overcharging, leaks, and short circuits as well as providing high temperature resistance. power bank portable charger

Single push button Power Bank On/Off

High Quality Capacity, Durable


Supports Fast Charging. - The digital display will show you the battery capacity charged. Pressing the button on the upper right of the power bank will display the information, pressing on the button twice will activate the built in light. portable charger

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